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Personal Tax Returns the Easy Way

Tax returns.


Two little words, so much potential hassle.


Even if you keep meticulous records and are 100% on top of your receipts, completing your self assessment tax return can still be a tricky job. It doesn't matter if you work all hours or just a few, your self assessment form still needs to be filled in correctly and submitted in time.


Why DIY Tax Returns Are Not A Good Idea

Do it yourself and:

  • You might fill it in incorrectly, miss out something by mistake, and get the HRMC on your back as a result.
  • You might not know how to account for other sources of income and investments.
  • Worse, you might not realise what you can and cannot claim tax relief on, and overpay unnecessarily!

At Heelan Associates, we can do your tax return for you. We'll take your accounts and financial details in whatever form you have them in, and use them to fill in your tax return for maximum benefit to you and compliance with HMRC requirements. We'll submit it electronically, in good time for the 31 January deadline each year, avoiding any late filing penalties which start at £100 and rise rapidly!


Do I Need To Complete A Tax Return Even If I'm Working Full-Time?

You'd be surprised how many of the UK working population do need to submit a self-assessment tax return. You may need to submit one if:

  • You receive Child Benefit or Tax Credit
  • Have sold assets subject to Capital Gains Tax
  • Have a second job or do occasional work for other people
  • Are self employed, a sole trader or are part of a partnership
  • Have other sources of income, such as eBay trading
  • Have a buy to let property or holiday home you rent out
  • Hold investments outside of a ISA, PEP or government bonds
  • If you have a private pension (not workplace pension)
  • If you are retired and have income apart from your state pension


Do I Need Full Accounts To Complete My Self-Assessment Form?

No, in some circumstances with simple affairs we can help by compiling information you provide and using it to complete the form. However, it often pays to have your accounts done by Heelan Associates so we have the full picture before completing your self-assessment form, and therefore we recommend this service.


When we compile your accounts, we will carefully check all your sources of income, check your tax codes, and ensure we have the right details in order for you to claim the maximum tax relief possible. Our involvement also ensures that if the HMRC have a query or a question, we can quickly supply the answer from your accounts.


Proper accounts are really useful to have for other financial bodies that might need detailed information, such as mortgage companies or bank loans.


How Much Information Will You Require?

We'll need a range of details to compile your tax return - call us for a free consultation and we'll guide you through the whole process. 023 9224 0040


Company Tax Returns

For full details of our company tax and accounting services, see our Complete Company Package page.


Retirement And Tax Returns

Making the most of your income in retirement can be a bit of a juggling act, especially with the new tax rules on your ability to cash in part of your pensions. At Heelan Associates, we're happy to help with preparing your annual tax return to ensure you keep the maximum income possible.


If you require help or advice on what to do with your pension, our partner financial advisor will be happy to help - just call us for details on 023 9224 0040.

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