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Business Services from Heelan Associates

At Heelan Associates, we really enjoy doing accounting.


Honestly, we do.


That's why we offer our "drop off and leave to us" service. Our full accountancy services are always 'made to measure', so we can help businesses of all types and sizes, from one-man bands to major employers.


We take care of all your accounting and associated company admin, so you can get on with what you do best; running your business, getting more clients, filling your order books.


We'll tackle your accounting paperwork in whatever way you wish, monthly or yearly, it's up to you.


How It Works

All we need are your files, delivered in whatever way suits you best, and as often as you want. We can deal with your monthly paperwork, or take the whole lot to sort out your year-end returns.

  • Send us electronic files from your favourite accounting software
  • Email us your invoices and receipts on a spreadsheet
  • Post us your paperwork in binders or books
  • Drop in with a large box/bag/crate of paperwork and say "Sort this please!"

Whichever method you wish, our expert team will sort through everything to ensure your papers are in order and ready to become the basis of clear, accurate accounts.


Company Secretarial Services

Every limited company needs a company secretary, someone to do the paperwork and make sure everything is submitted on time. Heelan Associates can be your company secretary; we've got the experience, the expertise, the knowledge and we don't need desk space or a salary. It's an efficient, cost-effective way to ensure your company paperwork is compliant and properly organised.


Tax Planning

Tax is an inevitable part of business, but with careful planning, it doesn't need to be a business burden. Our team here at Heelan Associates have years of experience in guiding business owners through the taxation maze and finding ways to reduce their tax liability. In most cases, our service pay for themselves in the tax reductions we achieve. In other words, with Heelan Associates, tax doesn't have to be taxing!


Business Planning

Sometimes as a business owner, you need a little expert help to plan ahead. At Heelan Associates, we help you look to the future with confidence, by giving you an accurate picture of your company's finances. Our team can cast an expert eye over key areas of your business including:

  • Gross profit
  • Cost control
  • Stock valuation
  • Supplier control
  • Credit control
  • Financial reporting
  • Statutory reporting
  • Financing
  • Business acquisitions

We'll then help with advice on ways to maximise any offset or credits, so you can invest in new equipment, talent or premises and get the maximum benefits available. It's national business consultancy level service at local accountancy prices.


Supply of Registered Office and Service Address

With more and more business people and freelancers working from home rather than from an office, there is a growing need for registered office addresses, to avoid having your home address available to all on the public record. At Heelan Associates, we're the registered office for a whole range of businesses both local and national. We’ll check all post that arrives for official documents, and forward items to you as required.


Management Accounting

As your business starts to grow, you'll need to keep a close eye on your financial position. With our management accounts service, we'll access internal information and present it in whatever form you require, whether as a snapshot or a detailed report, as often as you wish. Our team will interpret these figures for you and offer practical suggestions to help improve your business performance. Again, it's a win-win situation; you get the information you need plus expert advice, without the cost of a salaried person or the steep learning curve of complicated software.


Your accounts, your business, our expertise

At Heelan Associates, we tailor our services to your precise needs. So, if you only need help with one area of your accounting, or work within a specific sector, we can help. Click for details on:

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