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Book-keeping Services From Heelan Associates

Accurate bookkeeping is a vital part of maintaining company accounts, whether you are a small SME or a large business. At Heelan Associates, we offer a complete book-keeping service, saving you the expense and commitment of employing a book-keeper yourself.

Drawing its name from the days when records were kept in books, bookkeeping is simply keeping proper, accurate records of all your business transactions. Our book-keeping service is now done digitally, so you have almost instant access to the detailed information or business overview you require. We take away the manual 'slog' of entering data, so you can concentrate on the overall picture with confidence in your figures.


Sales Invoices

Where this service is required, we'll create a well-organised filing system for your invoices, ensuring that clients are correctly billed, and payments are received and logged in a timely fashion. With our invoicing service, you can assess and manage cash flow, turnover and debtors without the need to enter any data yourself.


Purchases Invoices

Balance your income and expenditure with this element of book-keeping and reporting. Use it to plan ahead to ensure sufficient funds to make payments, or to manage cash flow.


Cash Book

A meticulous cash book is a joy, a simple and clear record of all payment made from and into all your business accounts. It’s also time-consuming – unless you opt to have this all done for you by Heelan Associates.


Profit and Loss Account

Balance your income against your cost of goods, wages and your expenses to find out just how much your business is making over a given period. With Heelan Associates, you can choose the timescales you wish for reports - per month, per quarter, per year.


Balance Sheet

Do your assets and your liabilities balance OK? At Heelan Associates, we can help you assess the state of your business at any one given moment, to help you plan for expansion, growth or new equipment.


VAT Returns & Special VAT Schemes

If you are VAT registered, you'll need to submit returns on a regular basis. Our VAT returns book-keeping service ensures your submissions are accurate and made on time, so you get the maximum benefit from your VAT registration.


Management Accounts

With accurate and timely management reports, you can plan ahead for future growth or new product development, Our book-keeping service provides any number of varying financial reports, and we can help you interpret them too if you wish.



We can administer your payroll, regardless of the size of your workforce. For full details, see our Payroll Services page.


For full details of our book-keeping services in Waterlooville, Portsmouth and Chichester areas, call us on 023 9224 0040.

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