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Pension Auto Enrollment Services From Heelan Associates

All UK businesses are now required to sign up (enroll) their employees for a workplace pension scheme, hence the term "Workplace pensions". And for many small business and business owners, the requirement for them to choose the scheme, work out who is eligible and the accounting required to make sure the contributions are right is proving a bit of a nightmare.


Enter the Heelan Associates auto enrollment service.


Like all Heelan Associates accounting services it's very simple - we do all the work for you using our experience, training and up to date information. We learn the details, so you don't have to. We get your business registered, do the calculations and the paperwork and provide all the details to your employees via our payroll service.


It's simple, straightforward and highly cost-effective, saving you time and the cost of additional staff and associated training.


Interested in auto-enrollment for your business? Call us now on 023 9224 0040 and book your free consultation to discuss your particular needs.


The Heelan Associates Complete Auto Enrollment Service

At Heelan Associates, we offer a complete auto enrollment service which includes:

  • Establishing your Staging Date
  • Informing The Pensions Regulator of primary and secondary points of contact
  • Acting as your secondary contact
  • Establish which of your employees is eligible, and whether they have a right to join the scheme, opt in or must be automatically enrolled.
  • Calculate the contributions costs for your business
  • Accessing your declaration of compliance and completing scheme details
  • Enrollment of eligible employees
  • Confirmation letters for employees
  • Keep accurate records
  • Auto enroll new staff
  • Calculate deductions and payments through payroll


Via our financial advisor partners, we can:

  • Advice on choosing a suitable pension scheme for your staff
  • Advice on the suitability of any existing pension scheme for auto enrollment
  • Information and discussion of the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST)

What is Automatic Pension Enrollment?

The auto enrollment scheme is designed to ensure that every eligible staff member in your business is provided with a pension scheme, unless they actively choose to opt out. Your business will need to work out which of your staff are eligible, and make sure they are auto-enrolled by your staging date.


Which Employees Are Eligible?

Workplace pensions are designed for workers between the age of 22 and their State Pension Age (SPA). Your staff can opt out if they already have a private pension, for example, but they can also opt back in at any time. Their entitlement is based on their age and how much they earn, not by the number of hours worked.


What Choice Do Employees Have Regarding Auto-Enrollment?

  • All employees have the right to join a workplace pension scheme, even if they earn below the minimum level at which you have to contribute.
  • At the next level of earning, they can ask to opt in, and you must put them into your automatic enrollment pension scheme.
  • If they earn over a certain amount each week (currently £192), you must auto-enroll them and pay regular contributions.
  • Your employees can also actively choose to opt out, for example if they already have a pension or feel they have sufficient provisions themselves. (Needless to say, it's illegal to try and influence your staff to opt out from your scheme.)


When Do I Need To Start Enrolling Employees?

To be honest, you need to be acting and planning NOW. You legally need to start by a 'Staging Date', which is calculated using your PAYE ref by the Pensions Regulator. If you don't have a PAYE scheme, your staging date will be 1 April 2017.

(Use this calculator to find out your Staging Date - http://www.thepensionsregulator.gov.uk/employers/staging-date.aspx).


I pay a career or a support worker. Do I need to auto enroll them?

Yes, if they earn more than £192 per week (currently), and you pay them directly and not through an agency. And yes, it's a real hassle but you are technically an employer and you need to do this. Call us and we'll help you get this set up and your career/cleaner/support team enrolled.

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