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What if I can't pay my tax bill?

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What if I can't pay my tax?










That is a good question, one we do get asked a lot this time of year. Firstly, lets look at the financial issues with not paying tax on time (what it will cost you). We will then take a look at who to call.


There is a TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) summary below for those who don’t like numbers or are short on time.

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Budget Summary - 2017

2017 Budget Summary


So here we are – the first Autumn Budget for 21 years. Here at our offices in Denmead, we always pause work every budget for lunch with the Chancellor’s speech, and this one was no different (well…. the lunch was the healthiest one we’ve had with a budget so I guess that is a difference!). After the past few budgets, which have meant a squeeze for many of our owner managed business & landlord clients, we were sat waiting with everything crossed, hoping that we were not going to see another sad budget in these areas.


The good news is, we think overall it was a fairly solid budget for the majority of our clients. The phrase ‘Strong and Stable’ was the all the rage during the election; this budget certainly felt stable (you could argue about the strong bit).


Below is a short no-nonsense summary of the keys points, commentary added where needed. Enjoy!

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We are recruiting!



Would you like to:


Work with professional, enthusiastic and highly motivated people,

Providing a professional yet personal service,

In a rapidly growing business,

Helping small businesses thrive?

Then we may have a job for you!


We have the following opportunity to join our team:

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CIS Tax Repayments Explained

How do I get my tax 'rebate'? (CIS)


This is a question we get asked a lot. Below we will explain all. If this is all too much to read, there is a 'TL;DR' (‘Too long; Didn't read’ - see we are 'down' with the internet speak) summary version at the bottom. 


To begin, 'how do I' is the wrong question to ask. We see adverts from businesses all the time saying 'Get your tax repayment', but the first question should be 'am I due a tax repayment?'  


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The Budget 2016: A Summary


Well…. another budget has come and gone. This didn't contain as many shocks as the previous budget for the majority of our clients, although there are several changes which need consideration, along with some points we will be keeping a close eye on as details emerge.


Below is a summary of the key points that are relevant to the majority of our clients. This summary also contains some key reminders for this year (2016/17 tax year, starting 6th April 2016).


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